A Detailed Case Study on How to Get Pregnant Fast

“Life begets life’, it’s a way to survive to an eternity. As a mortal being humans cannot live forever. Reproduction is a way to maintain propagation of species on this planet. According to the theory of natural selection, organisms capable of adapting themselves to the environment would have a survival advantage, whereas others have to vanish. Therefore fittest of all would have a survival edge over others.

Reproduction is a gift of almighty God, for He, Himself wants his children to persist forever. Through pregnancy parents actually see their own replica growing in front of them. To a woman getting pregnant and becoming a mother is an out of the world feeling. No words could define the love and care of motherhood. A mother showers her all love upon her baby.

20% females around the world are devoid of the pleasure of getting pregnant and motherhood. They are simply in infertile, and cause ranges from anatomical deformities to physiological variations. Many infertile female can render themselves fertile with some efforts, psychological and medical treatments.


Plan Your Pregnancy

Before you even get pregnant you have to plan your pregnancy. You should ask yourself several questions like; Are you ready to bear a child? Are you emotionally and financially stable? Is your partner is also ready for the child? These questions might seem out of the context but they can catch you head on. You have to face them some or the other day especially if you are a working couple living in a fast track metro city.

In rural areas your mother-in-law starts poking you to get pregnant from the very first day. Don’t give up to their demands. Have your own choice.

Think wisely before jumping on to the decision. Involve your partner for a friendly talk.


Stop Taking Contraceptives

Stop the contraceptives, you are using. This is the foremost requirement to get pregnant. Well, contraceptives are of various types and you must avoid using them.

  • Condoms and diaphragms – these are the most common contraceptive methods used worldwide. Stop using them while having sex.
  • Oral Contraceptive pills (OCP) – these are hormone (estrogen and progesterone) containing tablets used to avoid pregnancy. Avoid OCP intake and indulge yourself in unprotected sex with your partner.
  • Uterine Implants – CuT, LNG-20, Cu380A are some of the intra uterine devices (IUDs) implanted in uterus, and does not allow conception. Visit your gynecologist and get it removed.


Know Your Fertility Status

Besides having unprotected sex, there much more your pregnancy relies on. And one of them is your fertility status. Fertility is your ability to conceive. According to an estimate every 1 in 8 couples is infertile worldwide. These are mere facts; just ease those tension lines on your Forehead. Before you conclude yourself infertile and visit an expensive infertility clinic, take a glance at how medical science defines infertility.

“Couples who are unable to produce a child even after rigorous 2 years of unprotected sexual contact are termed as infertile.”

So give yourself time before getting into vicious cycle of infertility clinics. Keep trying your best until you get pregnant. Most of the females get pregnant well within 2 years.

Being a female you should judge your fertility status and be aware of some of the danger signs, like-

  • Any menstrual abnormalities
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Foul smelling discharge from genital area
  • Itching and burning sensation
  • Pain during sexual activity
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding

When anyone of the above signs is present hurried to your gynecologist and have a health checkup. These are the signs of potential infertility. Don’t ignore them at all.


Improve Your Fertility Status

There are a number of ways that are really helpful, when meticulously followed, in improving fertility. Follow them for getting quick results-

  • Don’t take mental stress – It is believed that most of the infertility cases are due to persistent stress.
  • Quit smoking – Smoking hampers blood supply to sexual organs and equally destructive to your baby if you are pregnant.
  • Stop drinking – Intake of alcohol can render you infertile. It also causes nutrient deficiency.
  • Take good food – Our body needs energy to perform work and for reproduction also. Tofu, chicken, eggs, and some seafood are high in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, selenium, are some the fertility improving foods.
  • Do regular exercise – Exercise not only keeps you physically fit, but also prevents development of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Improve your partner’s health – You alone cannot produce children so your partner’s health is equally important. Encourage him to take good food and do proper exercise. Selenium is known to increase fertility in males.
  • Regular health check-ups – Even if you are not pregnant, pay attention to your health and visit a qualified doctor for regular health check up. Doctor can give you valuable advice about sexual health. If you any signs of chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension, these can be detected early for better treatment.

Good reproductive health is an essential parameter of a country’s health status. By improving upon reproductive health a country can dramatically improve its standings over health charts.


When to Have SEX

Blindly following a sex routine can land you in conception problems. Female body has inbuilt mechanism to indicate timing of maximum fertility. So couple should be wise and just enough to have sex during this period of immense fertility. Chances of fertilization are maximum during this period. A female can simply calculate period of exalted fertility and she should allure her partner to have pleasurable sex.

Period of maximum fertility is not a heavenly stuff, nor it has something to do with the environmental factors. It is the time when ovulation occurs in female. Meeting of egg and sperm is inevitable at this time.

How to know time of ovulation

  1. There is slight rise in basal body temperature at the time of ovulation. Fertility is highest during the two to three days before your basal temperature rises
  2. Cervical mucus becomes thin and watery at the time of ovulation.
  3. There is another method to know time of maximum fertility based on your menstrual period. Subtract 18 from your shortest menstrual cycle and subtract 10 from your longest menstrual cycle, then the days falling between this range can give you an idea about the time of maximum fertility. Suppose your longest menstrual cycle is 32 days and shortest is 28 days then according to this rule, 28-18=10 and 32-10=22 gives maximum fertility period between 10th and 22nd day of menstrual cycle.
  4. Download a tracking app. If you find it difficult to keep a calendar of your cycle, make an app do it for you. Search “ovulation tracker” and find one that works for you.
  5. You can also purchase an ovulation predictor kit.


Have Sex

When you have figured out that you are fertile and know your maximum fertility period, then start having sex. Follow these tips for the good results.

  • Start having 2-3 days before ovulation because ovum is viable for 24 hours while sperm retains its viability for 48-72 hours. Sperm must travel up to the fallopian tubes to fertilize the ovum. So start early.
  • Do not use any type of spermicidal cream, gel and any other product as these products impair the mobility and quality of sperm.
  • Orgasming after your partner ejaculates into you can help pull sperm into the cervix, which may facilitate the movement of your partner’s sperm.
  • Don’t stand up quickly after sex. Stay lied down and rest for 15 minutes. This simple maneuver improves sperm motility by eliminating the effect of gravity.

Thoroughly enjoy your sexual moments with your partner. A passionate and pleasurable sexual act increases chances of getting pregnant manifolds.


How to Detect Your Pregnancy

Finally you left no stone unturned to get pregnant. Then you must be the first one to realize the good news. Here are some the telltale signs of pregnancy. However you must get a health checkup done regularly and a qualified doctor can only confirm your pregnancy.

  • Nausea and vomiting – nausea and vomiting are particularly important during the initial months of pregnancy.
  • Tingling sensation in the breast.
  • Missed period.
  • Implantation bleeding – bleeding mimics normal period. It is caused due to implantation of embryo in the uterus.
  • Urine pregnancy detection kits – urine kits detects human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels in urine, as levels rise during pregnancy.


Fertility Checkups

If you don’t get pregnant despite 2 years of unprotected sexual activity you must go for fertility check up. Fertility check up is a set of investigations in which your ability to bear a child is assessed. You and your partner should consult a good practitioner. As he can guide you, treat you and advice you to use assisted reproductive techniques (ART).

Problem may be within anyone of you. Hormonal and psychological problems form a big chunk of the infertility problem. A specialist can treat them with hormonal drugs and counseling respectively. There are many other underlying infertility problems, like-

  • Infections of the reproductive organs
  • Chromosomal anomalies
  • Decreased sperm count in males
  • Polycystic ovarian disease
  • Uterine structural defects
  • Fallopian tube blockage

All these are treatable causes of infertility. Simple treatment enables you to get pregnant and enrich your life with happiness.


Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Despite having tried hard for pregnancy if you are unable to conceive then assisted reproductive technologies come into play. Assisted reproductive techniques, popularly known as ARTs, are ray of hope for infertile couples. Medical science have certainly tried to address heart aching infertility issue through these techniques, but as you all be knowing very well, “with good also comes the evil”. There are many unacceptable issues regarding reproductive techniques, like-

  • High cost and failure rates, poor people cannot afford them.
  • Very few fertility clinics are available.
  • Guidelines for use are still very vague.
  • Some ethical issues like surrogacy need to be addressed empathically and carefully.
  • Complications like congenital deformities in children born through reproductive techniques are common.

Before considering assisted reproductive techniques make sure that you are emotionally and financially capable. Gather information about the processes involved and their probable outcomes. Having done your pre-treatment workup, find a right therapist or fertility specialist and discuss your issues with him before arriving on a decision. You may need to find an appropriate donor in case you cannot provide eggs or your partner cannot provide sperms. In most of the cases donors are close relatives.

A range of Assisted reproductive techniques are available now-a-days; choose wisely a right one for you. Sometimes it is better to follow the suggestion of the specialist.


  1. NaPRO Technique – NaPRO attempts to correct individuals’ causes of infertility through improved, personalized fertility monitoring and targeted surgical intervention. In small trials, the process produced better results than in-vitro fertilization, and the procedures involved in NaPRO may be covered by many insurance plans.
  2. In-vitro fertilization – This the most talked about technique in this domain of medical science. In-vitro fertilization is an invasive technique. Eggs are taken from ovaries and allowed to meet sperms in the specially formed media. After fertilization ovum is implanted in the uterus for further development.
  3. Artificial insemination – If problem lies in your partner’s sperms then you can go for artificial insemination. Sperms are directly introduced in the uterus or fallopian tubes.
  4. Gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT) – Ovum from a suitable donor is transferred to the woman who cannot produce eggs.
  5. Surrogacy – It is tried in females who can produce eggs but cannot provide suitable environment for the development of fetus due to some uterine or other complications.

Certainly there are many options to choose from but all these have there own pros and cons. There are many orphans waiting to be adopted by some lovely parents. So reach out and adopt one of them. Your little effort not only gives you the joy of parenthood and also incorporates love, good care and values to the life of a helpless child.


How to Get Bigger Boobs Fast Naturally at Your Home

Get Bigger Boobs

It is well known that breasts are a woman’s most appealing physical feature and the bigger the better. No woman wants floppy little breasts with no visible cleavage. This has in turn led to women endeavoring to get bigger boobs through creams, pills, surgery, diet and exercise. Women desire to have appealing breasts of an ideal size.

Naturally, in the beauty industry, women who desire to get bigger boobs wish to get them through natural means. Outlined below are methods one can employ to get bigger boobs. First on the list is diet.


Healthy Foods


Picking out the foods with the right amount of nutrition is the first step to a better diet and in turn better boobs. Estrogen is responsible for growth of breasts. Eating vegetables and fresh fruits increase the estrogen levels in the body. These fruits and vegetables contain estrogen in higher amounts as compared to other foods. Once you start a regimen of eating them, your levels will rise and hence trigger further growth in your breasts.

Foods that are rich in estrogen and protein include,

  • Dairy product like milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • Chicken meat
  • Berries, plums and apples
  • Kidney beans and lima beans
  • Meat, eggs and fish

These foods should be carefully rationed; especially meat and the vegetables should be fresh as the levels of estrogen are higher when fresh. There are foods that contain phytoestrogens which takes over when estrogen is low. They include.

  • Nuts
  • Beverages (wine and tea)
  • Peaches, raspberry and cherries
  • Green beans and flax seeds

When you have started this healthy regimen, it is paramount that you stop taking other unhealthy foods that include

  • Junk food (sugary sweets and chocolates)
  • Cigarettes and caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks (soda) and overly salty foods


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Creams and Pills


There are a variety of creams and pills that have components which mimic estrogen. These ingredients are extracted from fungi and naturally occurring plants. They have been tested and proven to work in some cases.

These pills help in stimulating the breasts from the inside and it is recommended that you massage the cream into the breasts and take the pills at the same time. Some companies provide both and it is important that you find out the best product for your boobs.

If you are taking healthy foods it is important that you avoid these pills and creams as they are mostly not healthy causing blood clots and other breast ailments. If you feel the need to use them, consult your doctor.


Daily Exercise


You are advised to go for daily exercises that will trigger muscle growth, better blood flow and faster deployment of estrogen to your breasts and hips.

Some of the exercise that are recommended to get a better chest include

  • Push ups
  • Dumbbell lifting
  • Aerobics and yoga
  • Wall presses
  • Jogging
  • Sit ups


Clothing and Posture


While you may be trying to make your breasts bigger, it is also good that you accentuate them. This could begin with wearing a bra that fits you properly. Not too tight and not too loose either. Also, you should get a bra that is padded as this gives the illusion of breasts being bigger than they are.

You could also work on your posture where you keep your spine straight. Avoid slouching and hunching over. This only serves to make them looks smaller. There are kits that are used to apply make up to make the cleavage more visible and prominent. This is used in films by the actors and you can get a kit to work on your own breasts.


Bottom line


While on your quest for bigger breasts, go for natural means that include a better diet, exercise and absolutely no Botox, pills and creams. They may work but harm you in the long term.

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Why should Pregnant Women consider Best Pregnancy Pillow?


Best Pregnancy Pillow helps during the Pregnancy Period. Pregnancy is that phase that brings a lot of excitement and happiness in the family, and it certainly becomes the time and reason for the celebration, but at the same time, it is the toughest stage and the turning for a woman. A woman finally attains her motherhood, and this is not an easy thing. She suffers the most for the entire nine months; she becomes restless, bears unimaginable pain, and stays uncomfortable. Everyone related to the pregnant woman tries to comfort her best and not just the family, but many people are putting their hard to provide the comfort feeling to would be a mother, and the invention of the pregnancy pillow is just a step.

What are pregnancy or maternity pillows?

Pregnancy or maternity pillows are designed in a way that they provide support during the crucial time of pregnancy that is needed. Pregnancy confines the positions of sleeping, but maternity pillow helps to provide the pregnant woman all the comfort despite the fact whichever sleeping position she chooses. The pregnancy pillow offers the belly the needed support and the pregnant woman gets the missing comfort, and her entire body is rested by the pillow.

The maternity pillow not only focuses on providing the comfort to the belly, but also focuses on providing the same to the head, neck, back, and hips.

pregnancy pillows

Why should a pregnant woman consider pregnancy pillows?

The most common problem faced by the pregnant women is the lack of sleep. This is because the belly grows and woman can’t find a position where she can adjust herself and her tummy and, thus, she gets very little sleep. Maternity pillow helps to provide the missing comfort to the body and offers the best sleep. Other than this, there are many other benefits associated with a pregnancy pillow. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Better sleep

This already has mentioned above. The maternity pillow is designed in a way that they provide comfort to the pregnant woman, and when the body is free from all pain, it is likely that the woman will get the sound sleep.

  • Better blood circulation

Doctors always suggest sleeping on the side position as it boosts the better blood circulation, but the belly makes it very uncomfortable. When you use pregnancy pillow, you can get proper cushioning of the body, and you can adjust it on your side lifting the abdomen. So, when you are sleeping in the side position, your blood circulation is boosting up.

  • Decreases the body pain

Pregnant women suffer the pain at the highest. When a certain part of the body i.e. the belly grows in weight, it makes other parts to suffer. The hips and the back parts suffer the most. Maternity pillow supports these areas and comforts them, and it further eases the pain and difficulties.

  • Help avoid allergies

Pregnancy is that phase where uncertain changes occur precisely in the hormones. So, even if you did not have any record, there are chances that you will suffer some of the weird and worst changes like skin irritation, respiratory issues, and allergies. A pregnancy pillow is made up from the hypoallergenic that helps to avoid the allergies, skin irritation, and the breathing issues.

  • Post-delivery use

The maternity pillow can be used even after the woman has given the birth. After the pillow has comforted in your pregnancy time, it will help your child get the same comfort, and you can use it to support your back and neck afterwards.

With so many benefits associated, it would be a wise decision to invest in the maternity pillow.

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Early Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms


For couples who are married or who wish to get babies, knowing how to get pregnant fast sometimes be challenging because they may be new to the concepts of timing the ovulation cycle. They could be well versed in the act of sex but still fail to conceive. This can prove to be very strenuous to a relationship or marriage due to accusations of one not doing what he or she should be doing.

There are steps that can be taken to increase the chances of conceiving. First on the list is monitoring of the ovulation and menstrual cycle then diet, body mass index and lifestyle habits. These methods are going to be discussed below detailing on the paramount points.

Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation


As a woman you should see whether your periods occur regularly (same time every month) or irregular (varying from month to month). Through this, you can be able to make fairly accurate predictions about when you ovulate (the time when her ovaries releases an egg).

You can also tell when you are ovulating. There is an increased vaginal mucus discharge that is wetter and appears white like eggs. Generally, women with regular cycles ovulate two weeks before they get their periods. Women with irregular cycles on the other hand are harder to predict but the time frame is between 12-16 days before the next period arrives.

To help you predict the most fertile days, there has been a development of several scientifically proven methods to do that. Home ovulation-prediction kits test for luteinizing hormone which increases each month during ovulation.

The Fertile Window


The five days prior to ovulation and the day in which it occurs consist of the six day fertile window in which a woman is very fertile and her chances of getting pregnant are high. It is recommended for the couple to have sex during this period every night.

Body Weight


When a woman’s body mass index is above 35 (overweight), it would take twice as long for her to get pregnant than when weight is considerably normal. Underweight women with a body mass index of less than 19 may take four times as long to conceive. Too much body fat leads to production of excessive estrogen which interfere with ovulation. Losing weight is recommended for women who wish to get pregnant as this improves their fertility.

If you are too thin, ovulations might not occur and you could stop getting periods altogether leading to irregularity and hence unpredictability.

Vitamins and Diet


Prenatal vitamin prevents birth defects. This vitamin contains 400mcg of folic acid and should be taken daily for up to four weeks before getting pregnant. It is better to start taking this folic supplement earlier because the neural tube develops three to four weeks after conception.

The diet is also very important. Pregnant women are advised to not take alcohol or caffeine during this period. Caffeine is usually harmful to them if it exceeds 500 milligrams a day. Having 250 milligrams of caffeine per day is safer but stopping caffeine intake is safest.



Working is a daily part of any industrious human being and mothers are not an exception. It is wise to cut back on strenuous work if one wants to have a normal regular ovulation. Strenuous work makes the menstrual cycle irregular and hence throws the tracking calendar off track.

Age, Smoking and Alcohol


Women who are older are not very fertile or regular when it comes to periods. Smoking introduces nicotine to the body and carbon monoxide. Both accelerate the fertility loss rate of a woman’s egg in the uterus.

The Bottom Line


Knowing how to get pregnant can be easy if you observe the above steps. They will increase the chances and reduce the errors made in prediction. Ensure that your body is well taken care of and that all conditions are met to ensure the success of your mission to parenthood. Myths about sex positions influencing conception are all hokum and cannot be substantiated.


How to Get Pregnant

How Breast Enlargement Cream Helps to Enlarge Your Boobs

Breast Enlargement Cream

Good looking boobs are one of the characteristics of a good looking woman. If you have breast that much well with your body then you will not only look beautiful but also attractive at the same time. However, many women have found themselves in a tricky situation where you have very small breasts.

As a result of this, there has been several methods of breast enlargement. Some have worked while others have not. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to identify that method that will work fast and give you good results.

One of the methods of breast enlargement is use of breast enlargement cream. I know you may be worried about the abilities of this method. Do not worry. I will be answering some of your questions such as, does it work? What is all about?

What Is Breast Enlargement Cream?


As the name itself suggests, it is a type of cream used for the purpose of enlarging your breast size and improving the shape. Most of breast enlargement creams are made of herbal chemicals that supply your breast with the required nutrients for enlargement.

Breast enlargement creams are better as compared to other means of enlarging the breast size. This is because they are cheap, easy to use and most of them made of natural herbs which increases their safety.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Breast Enlargement Cream


  • Efficiency. Look at how best will the cream you are about to take work for you. Consider the type of results you are going to receive after using it.
  • How fast does the cream work? Compare the working speed of different enlargement creams to get one that will work really fast for you.
  • Different creams are made of different types of chemicals. Always go for a cream that will ensure the safety of your body.
  • You cannot afford to spend as much as you could have spent on surgery on creams. Get the most affordable cream that will suite your budget.
  • Side Effects. Like most chemicals, breast enlargement creams also have their side effects. Others do not have. Ensure that you look for a cream with minimal side effects for you own comfort.

Here is an example of one of the best breast enlargement creams we have found best for you.


It is a naturally made cream for breast enlargement. The product is made from natural herbs for quality performance and safety. Some of the herbs it is made from include the Kava Kava, Mexican Wild Yams and Dong Quai.

Naturaful has been used for a long time by many women who have testified to have received very fast and good results. Not only does the Naturaful cream enlarge your breast but also make them firm.

Here Is How It Works


Since the cream is applied on the skin, it works by penetrating into your nerves and stimulating growth of new cells around the breast area. It also encourages increase in the production of hormones around the breast that encourages enlargement.

Benefits of Using Breast Enlargement Creams


Use of breast enlargement cream is accompanied by quite a number of benefits as compared to other methods of breast enlargement. These include:

  • Easy to use. As compared to some other methods such as surgery, this method is, much easier to apply. You do not require any assistance as long as you follow all the instructions.
  • As compared to some methods such as surgery is a cheaper method.
  • The cream is just applied on the skin. This makes it much safer as compared to other methods which interferes with other parts of the body. Most of the creams are also made of natural herbs.
  • Works faster.

The Bottom Line

Use of breast enlargement cream is one of the best methods that you can use to enlarge the size of your breast. However, you should be careful when using creams to avoid overuse or using the wrong product.

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