How to Get Bigger Boobs Fast Naturally at Your Home

Get Bigger Boobs

It is well known that breasts are a woman’s most appealing physical feature and the bigger the better. No woman wants floppy little breasts with no visible cleavage. This has in turn led to women endeavoring to get bigger boobs through creams, pills, surgery, diet and exercise. Women desire to have appealing breasts of an ideal size.

Naturally, in the beauty industry, women who desire to get bigger boobs wish to get them through natural means. Outlined below are methods one can employ to get bigger boobs. First on the list is diet.


Healthy Foods


Picking out the foods with the right amount of nutrition is the first step to a better diet and in turn better boobs. Estrogen is responsible for growth of breasts. Eating vegetables and fresh fruits increase the estrogen levels in the body. These fruits and vegetables contain estrogen in higher amounts as compared to other foods. Once you start a regimen of eating them, your levels will rise and hence trigger further growth in your breasts.

Foods that are rich in estrogen and protein include,

  • Dairy product like milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • Chicken meat
  • Berries, plums and apples
  • Kidney beans and lima beans
  • Meat, eggs and fish

These foods should be carefully rationed; especially meat and the vegetables should be fresh as the levels of estrogen are higher when fresh. There are foods that contain phytoestrogens which takes over when estrogen is low. They include.

  • Nuts
  • Beverages (wine and tea)
  • Peaches, raspberry and cherries
  • Green beans and flax seeds

When you have started this healthy regimen, it is paramount that you stop taking other unhealthy foods that include

  • Junk food (sugary sweets and chocolates)
  • Cigarettes and caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks (soda) and overly salty foods


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Creams and Pills


There are a variety of creams and pills that have components which mimic estrogen. These ingredients are extracted from fungi and naturally occurring plants. They have been tested and proven to work in some cases.

These pills help in stimulating the breasts from the inside and it is recommended that you massage the cream into the breasts and take the pills at the same time. Some companies provide both and it is important that you find out the best product for your boobs.

If you are taking healthy foods it is important that you avoid these pills and creams as they are mostly not healthy causing blood clots and other breast ailments. If you feel the need to use them, consult your doctor.


Daily Exercise


You are advised to go for daily exercises that will trigger muscle growth, better blood flow and faster deployment of estrogen to your breasts and hips.

Some of the exercise that are recommended to get a better chest include

  • Push ups
  • Dumbbell lifting
  • Aerobics and yoga
  • Wall presses
  • Jogging
  • Sit ups


Clothing and Posture


While you may be trying to make your breasts bigger, it is also good that you accentuate them. This could begin with wearing a bra that fits you properly. Not too tight and not too loose either. Also, you should get a bra that is padded as this gives the illusion of breasts being bigger than they are.

You could also work on your posture where you keep your spine straight. Avoid slouching and hunching over. This only serves to make them looks smaller. There are kits that are used to apply make up to make the cleavage more visible and prominent. This is used in films by the actors and you can get a kit to work on your own breasts.


Bottom line


While on your quest for bigger breasts, go for natural means that include a better diet, exercise and absolutely no Botox, pills and creams. They may work but harm you in the long term.

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